By Solid State

Solid Vs Spray

Solid Cologne is the long lost cousin to the traditional spray variant. Its perfectly portable, highly concentrated, rub on cologne - made for the way modern men operate. A dab on your pulse points and no one is the wiser!
Unlike regular fragrances, Solid colognes don’t evaporate quite so easily, instead, they interact with your body temperature and evolve throughout the day.

A 15ml Solid Cologne will last approximately 3 months with heavy use, if you compared this to a 15ml spray you'd be lucky to see the week out.


Whether you have it in your pocket, office drawer or gym bag, there is no denying the versatility of a good Solid Cologne. Now we aren’t telling you to throw out your favourite fragrance, on the contrary, we are just pointing out their limitations.

There’s a famous saying we like down at Solid State HQ - “You miss 100% off the shots you don’t take”. So throw a mint in your mouth, dab on a bit of Solid State and take that shot. First impressions are everything. Keep it Solid. Run the State.