By Solid State

Could 2016 be the year that ends the beard?

Is the beard apocalypse upon us?

“Experts” have predicted the demise of the beard since 2014, yet it seemed to have hit peak popularity in 2015.

When taking into consideration how trends will behave, we need to observe what our key influencers are doing. Celebrities and media personalities play a huge part in deciding what’s considered relevant. If the likes of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matthew McConahey and Tom Hardy continue to sport beards, then there’s no telling how long we’ll ride the hipster trend.

But one things for sure; when hair trends move away from aggressively short sides, long tops and shaved part lines in favour of a looser, more textured look, the demise of the beard will follow. Can’t have a bushy face and top now, can we?

Here at SolidState HQ we understand that when done right, a beard is a beautiful thing. We don’t take for granted how much easier caring for that glorious thing can be instead of attacking your skin with razors on a daily basis.

And let’s talk about the man points. The simple feat of growing something so impressive will make the trend hard to move away from. But when we do, may we suggest you carry your ID to the local bottle-O until some of the stubble comes back? Prepare for a resurgence of youthful complexions in your neighbourhood when the beard is finally kicked to the proverbial curb. Whilst we can’t tell you when, we can solidly predict that it will.

This is just how the fashion cycle works. We’ll grow older. Our priorities will change. And then we might have kids, who’ll have their own kids and the unprecedented access they’ll have to the digital footprints of our youth will no doubt lead to opinions about our beards and quiffs just like we had about our parents afro’s and mo’s

Solid State HQ thinks it’s time for a change. Let’s all just think of the children.