Why solid?


If you've ever been late to work only to arrive in a sweat from the dash to the office, you know all to well how perfect it would've been to have a little freshen up on hand. Whether your between meetings or heading out for after work drinks, solid state provides true all day coverage.


Ever had a bottle of your favourite cologne thrown out by airport security because it wasn't allowed onboard the flight? It sucks, trust us. Solid State colognes use wax mediums, this not only keeps them compact it also makes them liquid free! Airport security will no longer be an issue.


It can be pretty daunting approaching a stranger on a night out, especially if you thought you could do with a freshen up. We're well aware of the limited realestate those jeans have, so we have designed a product that slides right into your coin pocket and clicks open when its needed.

What is solid state?