By Solid State

Solid State Grooming Tips: Why Guys Should Be Using a Hair Dryer

So you’ve gone out and spent what you consider to be a reasonable sum of money on a haircut. Unfortunately, no matter how good this haircut is, there will still be some effort required when it comes time to styling it yourself! Never fear, I have some industry tips to share with you all -


I have spent 10 years of my adult life cutting hair, and I found that 9/10 gents have no idea that using a hairdryer is an absolute must! Now don't freak out guys, I dont expect you to look like a Kardashian, but with most gents sporting some extra length on top these days, a hairdryer will make styling much easier, and far more effective.

Ever left the house, glanced into the mirror, and thought what a handsome devil? Only to go to the bathroom half way through the evening to find more of a wet rat staring back at you? Never Fear, Solid State is here to help.


Step 1.

Always start from wet! Prime the hair, use an anti frizz cream or sea salt depending on your desired results.


Step 2.

Apply product to wet hair. this will ensure you are evenly spreading the product, whilst the water will also dilute the product, making for more control, and less clumpiness.

Step 3.

Whilst the hair is still wet, comb/mould into the shape you would like it to sit in once it has dried.

This is important if you're after a long lasting style. Remember the wet rat?


Step 4.

Using the Hair Dryer, dry your hair. Now there is no real technique involved, but what I will advise is, try and maintain that shape we moulded in earlier.


For example, If you like wearing your hair up at the front, make sure the hair dryer is drying that part back, if you like wearing it down, do the exact opposite, dry it flat down.

Step 5.

Once your hair is completely dry, I recommend going in with some form of matte moulding product. You're only going to need a very small amount, this is because you have laid the foundations with the hairdryer, so add small amounts at a time, until you reach the desired texture.

Now that you have some insider tips, you’re well on your way to hair that lasts all night! 


Now go and buy a hairdryer.