By Solid State

Top 10 instagram pages for mens style inspiration

1- @Dmarge - Dmarge is an Australian mens fashion and lifestyle publication, which has a beautiful balance between life and style. The blog is a regular source of inspiration for the solid state team.


2- @Filippofiora - Filippo’s page is for those who like to push the boundaries of mens fashion, Providing us with original colour palettes, original combinations, and a fantastic blog to boot. We believe these outfits have more to do with personality then style.


3- @Louisnicolasdarbon - Louis-Noclas Darbon’s instagram feed is one you don’t want to check out if your in need of a holiday. Sunsets, beautiful timepieces, unique cars, and an impeccable sense of style. Louis-Nicolas is an artist, seemingly specialising in mens fashion illustrations and has a website where you can find more inspiration.


4- @justusf_hansen - This young law student, has outstanding taste, and a serious eye for balance. This instagram feed is purely about outfits, and great ones at that! Stripes, checks, paisley, you name it, he has matched it. Did i mention the overcoats? Check him out

5- @r3zap3rz - We love the caption at the top of this news feed - “Persian by accident, Proud by choice” . This man may very well be the best dressed man on the face of the planet, and isn't ashamed to feature his kids through his page, and why would you be, they are adorable.


6- @de.rigueur - This one is beyond me as to why he doesn't have 50, 000 + followers. The imagery is fresh, consistant and great quality. We find our daily hit here, im sure many others will soon too.


7- @mensfashionblogger - Miles Wharton has exquisite taste, this combines food, travel, fashion and design. We’re not sure if the French bulldog is his, but it pops up every now and then too - who doesn't love a frenchy?


8- @Danielre - “A gentleman is born not made “ - Dont quote us on this one, but we have a feeling this guy started the whole tight cropped suited images thing. With over 250 , 000 followers, and what seems a never ending wardrobe, if you havent already been to this page, do yourself a favour before your next formal occasion. I wonder what his nearest op shop may be?

9- @giottocalendoli - Giotto has covered all his bases. Everything from street style, to the coolest of tailored suits. Seems not much is done with out his beautiful girlfriend, whom is also just as style savvy. He frequents the fashion runways around the world, and has hair that most men will surely envy.

10- @pjohnsontailors - The boys down at PJT seem to be going from strength to strength, if you are fortunate enough to be in Melbourne or Sydney and have had a chance to experience there beautiful showrooms, or the quality of product they produce, you would not disagree. If your not in either of these cities, fear not, they tour, check in with there instagram page or there website for details.