You’ve got taste. Solid State is the first company to rock both the solid and spray grooming game. We’re like that one band that has yet to make a bad album.

Close, but no mystical incantation involved. All our products, solid and spray alike, are conjured up right here in Melbourne, Australia. We use ingredients so good, they might as well be enchanted.

Think of Solid State grooming as the person everyone wants at their party — smart, good-looking, and smells amazing. Whether you swipe on our solid cologne or spritz our spray, we’re elevating your game without harming the planet. How? More product, less waste, all charisma.

Imagine the rarest ingredients gathered by moonlight — that's not us. We source what ingredients are available locally, like the superhero of grooming we are. Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Violet Leaf... and all made right here in Australia.

Indeed, we’ve expanded our repertoire. For those who like a traditional spritz, our spray cologne is the quintessence of sophistication and ease.

Our products are tested on party animals, not the cute, furry kind. No bunnies are buzzing with our colognes.

For solid, swipe and dab at your pulse points. For spray, a quick spritz on the neck and wrists. Both fit for a secret agent — discreet, potent, and always ready for action.

Avoid the sun like a vampire and keep it cool. Whether it's solid or spray, store it with your gear, ready for your next adventure.

Solid or spray, they last a legendary 12 months.

You're in the right place. Get your fix at or hunt them down in the wild at select boutiques and barbershops. Got a shop in mind that should stock us? Give us a shout. For the more traditional type >>>STORE LOCATOR<<<

We take it all — Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal. Choose your weapon.

No stress. You've got 30 days to return, with or without a reason. Just make sure it's in new condition, even if that means resisting the urge to mist every hour.

Check out our Discovery Sets to experience them all and find your signature scent! Each EDP also available in a 2ml sample. 

Unfortunately we can't send solid samples your way, but with our 30-day trial, it's like taking a cologne on a test drive. Not thrilled? Full refund, even if you've dived in.*

*No refunds on sample kits

Absolutely. If you've got flair and a spot for us, let’s talk business. We love making new friends. >>>>Click here for more info<<<<

We ship almost everywhere, but you can confirm at checkout.

Every order. You’ll get sent the digits via email to follow your package’s journey to your doorstep.

We dispatch all orders within 48 hours. *Excluding weekends and Australian public holidays. Please note during peak times this may get pushed out; these include Fathers Day, Black Friday, new product launches, and Christmas.