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solid Parfum

Introducing the premium edition solid parfums. The premium edition holds 20% more volume, has a higher level of fragrance concentration and is compatible with the Solid State refills. For a longer lasting scent you wont want to go past our solid parfum.

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Most spray on's will use up to 80% ethanol to bulk out their fragrances, Solid State is completely Alcohol free and instead uses a natural wax base. At three times the concentration the reduction in size has no impact on performance and we guarantee you'll get as much use from your solid cologne as you would a traditional spray on.

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How to use

Its as easy as click, swipe and apply. The best places to apply the wax based fragrance is to your pulse points, wrists, neck and behind the ears. Our formula is completely grease free and will not leave an oily residue on your skin.

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"I have to admit to being enough of a skeptic about Solid State
that I was prepared to buy a fragrance to prove myself right.
I was wrong. I’m a convert"

-Mike G

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