By Rory Dalton

Aviator Spritz

Inspired by Aviator


Austin Hartman’s crema de mezcal-based take on the Spritz draws inspiration from Hartman’s grandfather, a cliff-diver in Acapulco—the essence of danger and finesse distilled into an at-once delicate and bracing drink. Perfect for a spring afternoon.


  • 30ml of Crema De Mezcal
  • 25ml Aperol
  • 15ml fresh Grapefruit 
  • 120ml Sparkling Wine
  • Shaving of Orange zest
  • Mint 
    1. Express grapefruit twist and place at the bottom of an empty wine glass
    2. Add five ice cubes
    3. Combine mezcal, Aperol and grapefruit juice in a tin and shake 
    4. Double-strain into wine glass over ice
    5. Top with sparkling wine
    6. Garnish with Mint


    Striking notes of citrus and labdanum mellow into woody tones to take you from day to night, ground to flight.

    NOTES: Grapefruit, Mint, Sandalwood